Subsea Baskets

Subsea Basket Hire

Hire of non-standard size subsea baskets. 


Our extra large subsea basket CALD XL SUB/01 has a payload of 15 tonnes and internal dimensions of 3500mm wide x 6500mm long x 1000mm high so is able to cope with the majority of subsea challenges.

  • Certified to DNVGL standard 2.7-3
  • Operational Class: R45 in air lift, S23 subsea lift
  • SWL 15,000kg
  • Admiralty deck eyes
  • Flowforge galvanised flooring
  • Forklift pockets
  • Despite its large size, it’s fitted with ISO corner castings for a standard 20ft x 8ft container footprint for ease of transporting, securing to the vessel deck or grillage
  • 4 point lifting arrangement:  2 wire rope slings connected by masterlink.
  • ROV and Diver friendly

For decommissioning it can comfortably accommodate a concrete mattress lying flat with room to spare.  


For enquiries regarding subsea basket hire please telephone +44 (0)1847 892122.

If you have a specific subsea basket requirement please get in touch as we can manufacture to your specification.  Hire may also be available to you for this.